Why simulation is important

Studies of simulation training for surgical skills have shown that surgeons trained using simulation techniques make fewer errors and carry out technically more exact procedures.

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Prepare for risky events in a safe environment.

Used Routinely

Around the globe, training centers are becoming increasingly aware of their application in simulation training. Simulation is widely used in aviation and medicine, but also routinely used in other skills.


Virtual Reality simulation is taking off at an accelerating rate. Not only is the hardware improving but the techniques for this training style are becoming more sophisticated and embedded in learning paradigms.


Simluation recreates conditions that closely resemble reality, while removing any danger. It means that when people confront a similar environment in a real situation, they do so with the experience of detailed rehearsal.


Combining theoretical study with an applied knowledge through modern simulation techniques and technology designed for exploration and continuous learning.


Our award winning simulations

Virtual Medical Coaching advances the technology used in simulation training to fully immerse the student and offer a lifelike experience in a safe environment where metric feedback can be recorded. Once found, training can be altered to make sure that these gaps are filled.

Master the techniques before entering the clinical environment ensuring the feedback is not from adverse events. Virtual Medical Coaching’s award winning simulations allow good habits to become ingrained because simulation is accompanied by our adaptive assessment and feedback. This is unlike learning in the clinical environment, where all too often the only feedback is from adverse events.

"This was a stand out for the judges due to the way Virtual Medical Coaching used technology to change the student learning experience and enable greater success."

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